Support Knowledge Outreach

Our proposal is part of a renewed Canadian policy in the Americas since the change of federal government in October 2015. Our initiative is to support a knowledge outreach program entitled “The Inter-American Human Rights System: Canada’s role in the protection of Human Rights”. Our international network of experts has collaborated for almost a decade in advancing research and curricula on this topic, as well as, more generally, inter-American relations and the protection of human rights. The conference represents a great occasion to not only spread the word among academics, public servants, diplomats, NGO representatives, civil society representative and the student community, but also generate a productive dialogue on the importance of Canada’s role.

Strengthen Partnerships

Our initiative will strengthen our multi-institutional research and teaching partnerships in the Americas. The results of our knowledge exchange will enable us to strengthen our research and education partnerships, as well as prepare a report on international public policy recommendations.

Indeed, the day after the symposium, a selected group of participants will participate in a roundtable of partners. This meeting will develop a plan to integrate the results of the symposium into a policy recommendations report to be published and distributed online. It will also be shared with public policy makers (eg, Global Affairs Canada, Justice Canada, Canadian Trade Commissioner Service, Senators, Members of Parliament) with the help of members of our network, HRREC and the Faculty of Law, in order to encourage the renewal of Canada’s policy on the protection of human rights.

Stronger Human Rights Protections

The 150 Canada Anniversary Conference will bring international experts, leaders and scholars assembled to exchange and reflect on how to improve the protection of human rights, optimize the performance of democracy, and expand the rule of law on a continental scale. We hope that the conference will generate new insights into Canada’s role in the Americas, as well as stimulate research and have an impact on Canadian foreign policy.

Currently, Canada is one of the primary sources of financial and political support for Organization of American States (OAS). For the past quarter century, Canada has played a key role in the strengthening of the inter-American system for the promotion of human rights. However, Canada has yet to ratify the primary human rights treaty in the Inter-American system, the American Convention on Human Rights.

By acceding to the American Convention and accepting the compulsory jurisdiction of its constituent organs, Canada would strengthen the legitimacy of the inter-American human rights system as a whole. Canada’s full participation in the inter-American human rights system and its respect for the recommendations of the Commission and the decisions of the Inter-American Court would constitute an important step towards the integration and legitimization of the system, Which would bring it closer to its European analogy (INDORF, A., “Canadian ratification of the American Convention on human rights”, Stanford Law School, Working Paper 2016)

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